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with J. Maizlish

Publication design, Typography

A 28 page book designed for a selection of J. Maizlish’s (artist, songwriter and band-leader) lyrics. The typographic concept visually conveys the time and duration of each song, with emphasis on their lyrical structures, including their often lengthy, wordless sections.

Reference 01: handwritten lyrics supplied by Maizlish
Reference 02: handwritten lyrics supplied by Maizlish

Maizlish’s original handwritten lyrics already suggested a typographic treatment by the way in which each song was clearly divided into its numerous sections (verses, choruses etc.). Each line of type represents a bar or two of music, with the number of beats per line identified on the left. This allows time and pace to be rendered proportionately on the page, and comparably between each track.

All spreads from book; white-space demonstrates where only music is heard/played
Detail: typographic structure defined by the beats per bar denoted on the left-hand side

With reference to traditional poetry type-setting, the vertical rule denotes the separation between the original lines of verse, without interfering with the designated time signature of the setting.

Detail: sleeve was screen-printed, in one colour using large bold type; more attuned with Maizlish's sounds

Project initiated as a participant of Fraser Muggeridge‘s ‘Typography Summer School‘, July 2010

ISTD International Typographic Awards 2011; awarded a Certificate of Excellence


Typeface(s) in use:

  • Block Gothic Std Demi Extra Condensed
  • Adobe Caslon Pro Regular, Italic and Bold