Black-headed Gull.
Golden Oriole.
Blue Tit.
Collared Dove.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker.
Lesser Whitethroat.
Wood Warbler.

Studio Aves.

Studio Aves.

Studio Aves.

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Studio Aves.

Barlow & MacDonald.

for CoExist Arts

Publication design

A limited edition publication was produced to support the first joint exhibition of Phyllida Barlow and Fiona MacDonald, curated by Jon Kipps, including essays by the artists on each other’s work.

Detail: front cover
Detail: inside
Detail: inside, text-spread

The format, created from a folded single sheet with a cut along the centre, not only allows to publication to read in a ‘traditional’ format, but reflects upon Barlow’s site-specific blue wall, in which splits one of the rooms in two.

Once opened-up, the reverse displays a visual comparison of Barlow and MacDonalds work

Typeface(s) in use:

  • Minion Pro Regular and Italic
  • Knockout № 29 and № 69