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with A Practice for Everyday Life

Typeface design

Working with A Practice for Everyday Life, a London-based design agency, to create a bespoke typeface for The Hepworth Wakefield – Yorkshire’s newest major art gallery, which presents exhibitions of international modern and contemporary art. The typeface’s form echo that of both the building’s angular shapes and with reference to physical forms of Barbara Hepworth’s work.

Countless test-sheets were generated and annotated throughout the process
A systematic approach, keeping note of the smallest amends to stroke weight and shape
Sample character set; Hepworth Regular

The typeface, which forms the basis of the identity, was created with an extensive character set, in six variants: three weights, each with an accompanying italic.

Hepworth's variants utilises all three of Hepworth's weights
The gallery's wordmark can be seen here, sandblasted into the building's surface

Used as the foundation for the gallery’s identity and to avoid cluttering architect David Chipperfield’s minimalist design for the building with unnecessary structures, the signage was applied directly to its surfaces. Walls were screen-printed and concrete sandblasted to create a quietly assertive scheme.