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Studio Aves.

Triumph International.

with Neighbour

Identity design, Typeface design

Working with Neigbour, a London-based design and art direction agency, to redesign Triumph International’s brand identity. Triumph International is a German underwear manufacturer, founded in 1886, with branches in over 50 countries, and they required an identity redesign that represented the brand’s personality attributes: feminine, sensual and confident, whilst emphasising their Germanic roots and aspects from the wealth of archival material available.

Reference: an example of Triumph's 1950's advertising from their archive
The new wordmark, strapline (set in uppercase 'LL Brown') and crown

The foundations of the identity are a new wordmark (having worked collaboratively with lettering artist, Carol Kemp), a new crown, typefaces, strapline, colours and patterns.

Character construction and spacing of bespoke typeface, 'Triumph Tailoress Script'; used for primary retail messaging
Sample characters; complete set includes extensive alternates, Cyrillic and Greek – 600+ characters in total

As a suite of assets they balance femininity with solidity, and have been designed for longevity, with an emphasis on quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

'Triumph Tailoress Script' in use, combined with 'LL Brown'
Packaging design and materials that strengthen values of quality and femininity
The brand pattern used on shop facias and packaging materials

Typeface(s) in use:

  • Triumph Tailoress Script
  • LL Brown Regular and Bold
Bluewater Shopping Centre's store-front, making using all brand elements